The lifestyle needs of today’s world have never been more demanding on the family SUV.

    From the morning school run, to loading up the gear for your weekend DIY project to venturing off the beaten track for that holiday adventure, we expect more and more from our daily driver. That was the starting point for the engineers at HAVAL when they began to work on the new H9. It’s designed to handle all your family chores with ease with its mix of luxury and comfort.
    It’s also tough enough to create a new set of happy memories on whatever holiday trip your family throws at it. Critically, it has been designed to ensure your most precious cargo is always protected with the latest safety features and security technology.


    The new MY19 HAVAL H9 comes standard with Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This full suite of active and passive safety systems are designed to provide a haven for you and your most precious cargo in all conditions. Constantly working in harmony behind the scenes, they provide high levels of safety and peace of mind motoring.


    If the vehicle in front brakes suddenly and you don’t have enough time to respond, the HAVAL H9 will instantly apply the brakes to help avoid an accident. The H9 AEB scans the road 20 times per second.


    Working in tandem with BSM, LDW constantly monitors your environment and, if it detects you moving outside your lane without using your indicator, will sound an audible buzzer and flash a warning on screen to help you stay safe.


    ACC takes the stress out of freeway travel and operates from 30 km/h. If the vehicle in front slows down, the H9 will also slow down to maintain a safe distance.


    Statistics show that a quarter of all side impact collisions could be eliminated by having BSM fitted. Using strategically mounted radar sensors, BSM monitors vehicles moving up on either side and lets you know via an amber indicator mounted on the inside of each side vision mirror. If you indicate to change lanes with a vehicle still in the blind spot, BSM sounds an audible warning to help you stay safe.


    HDC is part of the latest Bosch V9.0 stability control system that is standard on all H9s. When heading down a steep hill, engaging HDC means the H9 will take over braking, applying pressure to each wheel individually to ease you safely to level ground. All the driver needs to do is keep the car heading in the right direction. It’s peace of mind motoring to keep you and your family safe.


    RCTA is an extension of the rear camera system and designed to warn the driver of any cars that are entering your path when reversing. This is particularly helpful in a busy parking lot, where RCTA can detect moving cars far quicker than human senses.


    The H9 ULTRA also features Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) that allows the driver to ‘look around’ corners and automatically adjusting levels when traversing up and down hills. Ambient light sensors constantly monitor the brightness of the surrounding environment and switch the headlamps on and off automatically.


    The H9 is also fitted with active  Tyre Pressure Monitoring System  (TPMS). Safety experts believe that incorrect tyre pressures contribute to around 80% of accidents involving punctures, which is why tyre pressure monitoring systems are now mandatory in the US.


    HAVAL dynamic engineers use the latest generation Bosch  Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to improve vehicle stability, reduce traction loss and reduce the risk of accident due to loss of car control.

    ESP comes with two useful safety suites particularly designed to assist with off-road driving:  Hill Hold Control  (HHC) and  Hill Descent Control  (HDC).

    *Autonomous Emergency Braking (Vehicle Detection AEB) system is designed to reduce the risk of a collision with another vehicle. Safety features are not a substitute for driver alertness and may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather. Drivers should always drive carefully and never rely wholly on the system for safety.


    No matter what you or your family is doing or where you’re going, in the new HAVAL H9 you’re doing it with style. With a distinctly different look, there’s no mistaking the H9 for any other vehicle on the road. With its mix of bold, contemporary styling and the muscular definition of a vehicle capable of conquering any destination, the H9 is the new leader of the styling council.Those stylish lines represent the culmination of years of hard work by a team of dedicated designers and engineers to produce the finest possible SUV.

    The low front and high rear waistline accentuate the sporting appearance of the H9, ensuring it looks just as good standing still as it does carving a path through the urban jungle or exploring off the beaten track. It not only looks good, it’s aerodynamically designed to channel the airflow around the car for maximum efficiency and lower road noise.


    Xenon headlamps are standard on all H9 models to brilliantly illuminate the road ahead, while the ULTRA version features  Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) that allows the driver to ‘look around’ corners. Ambient light sensors constantly monitor the brightness of the surrounding environment and switch the headlamps on and off automatically.


    Function blends seamlessly with form from the distinctive horizontal chrome grille bars to the smooth operation of the tailgate.

    Other practical standard features include puddle lamps built into the large side mirrors and side steps for ease of entry and exit.


    Both H9 models now come with stylish 18-inch alloys wrapped in 265/60 R18 tyres. Other practical standard features include side steps – for ease of entry and exit – and aerodynamically designed roof rails to assist transportation of large items quickly and easily.

    Specialist interior designers have worked tirelessly to create a cabin that offers a tranquil and comfortable experience for you and your family.

    The new HAVAL H9 combines luxury materials throughout, outstanding fit and finish, leading technologies, space and attention to detail to make every journey a comfortable experience. Every element has been designed with maximum legibility and clarity, with every switch back-lit to provide ease of use in all conditions.


    At a time when other manufacturers are squeezing third row seats into mid-size SUVs, HAVAL is providing a generous 700mm of leg room for third row customers in the H9 for similar money. It means every drive with your family is no longer a squeeze, it’s the adventure you’ve always wanted it to be.


    An all-new panoramic sunroof dominates the view in the range-topping ULTRA version, while the LUX now has a standard sunroof in its equipment list. It means family adventures in the new H9 now come with a terrific vista view.


    The instrument panel combines large, easy to read analogue dials for speedometer and tachometer and houses a 3.5-inch LED screen complete with a host of driver-friendly read-outs including speed, average speed, fuel consumption, distance to empty and tyre pressure monitoring. These displays are accessed and cycled via the steering-wheel-mounted switchgear.


    The HAVAL H9 offers class-leading levels of quality, comfort and a number of functions for both the driver and passengers. On the ULTRA you will find soft, durable and wipe-clean Comfort-Tek seats. The ULTRA front seats are heated, ventilated, have under knee support and offer an adjustable massaging function that makes driving a absolute pleasure.


    The climate control system in the HAVAL H9 means every occupant is seated in maximum comfort. The driver, front passenger and rear passengers can all dial in their preferred temperature setting, making arguments over heater settings a distant memory. Powerful fans and high mounted vents in all three rows ensures air flow is swift and plentiful.


    The H9 LUX comes with a high-fidelity sound system that delivers crystal clear sound from a variety of sources (Bluetooth, CD, USB, radio) through seven quality speakers. Move up to the H9 ULTRA and the sound system comes with 10 INFINITY speakers, including an under-seat mounted subwoofer. Both systems can be controlled via the steering-wheel mounted controls.

    The new HAVAL H9 comes with a state-of-the-art turbocharged petrol engine that delivers, family-friendly power. With 180 kilowatts of power and 350 Newton-metres of torque, the H9 has all the power you need to meet every challenge that gets asked of you today.

    The engine is matched to an all-new, German engineered eight-speed automatic transmission. Similar to the gearbox used by leading European luxury car manufacturers, it delivers a silky smooth drive, effortless launch feel and improved fuel consumption.


    The new HAVAL H9 comes with a petrol engine, turbocharged to deliver 180kW and 350 Newton-metres. The H9 engine uses a turbocharger boasting variable geometry technology, which alters the pitch of the fan blades to provide optimum performance according to the driving conditions. Drive it and you’ll experience smoother take-off, more powerful acceleration when required and improved fuel economy at cruising speeds. It also features a twin channel charger intake system to improve turbo performance, while variable valve timing  (VVT)  delivers maximum power, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


    The German engineered ZF 8-Speed automatic transmission delivers great launch feel, improved economy, buttery smooth gear changes and outstanding overtaking performance.



    This setting is for enthusiast driving on bitumen roads, and ensures the ZF 8-speed transmission holds lower gears for longer before changing up. At speeds below 80 km/h, the top two overdriven gears are locked out for optimum performance feel and when the mood takes you, switch the H9 to Sport mode and flick the paddle shifters for that extra dose of adrenalin.


    The front wheels ride on a double wishbone suspension, with unequal length upper and lower wishbones designed to change camber angle to easily accommodate any change in road surface. That means the tyre maintains maximum contact with the road, reducing tyre wear and delivering a smooth, comfortable ride for you and your family.


    The multi-link rear suspension provides high levels of control, greatly reducing undue forces generated by the road surface. This improves comfort levels for all occupants and helps deliver optimum launch feel and braking power.


    The new HAVAL H9 is one of the most comfortable and capable off-road vehicles you’ll ever drive. 

    That’s why Australia’s leading off-road magazine – 4X4 Australia – named the H9 as one of the finalists in the gruelling 2017 and 2018 4X4 Of The Year Award.

    Starting with a rugged ladder frame chassis, the H9 was designed to offer a strong platform to help you conquer the most challenging conditions. Much more resistant to twisting forces, the ladder frame H9 chassis delivers a smooth, quiet ride in all conditions.


    Both versions of the new H9 come standard with HAVAL’s proven All-Terrain Control System (ATCS) to enhance off-road performance. ATCS allows customers to choose the on- and off-road setting to suit their environment and offer maximum performance and safety at the turn of a dial.


    The system automatically adapts to any on- or off-road situation and is designed as a select and forget setting. This is the recommended setting for most customers for optimum performance and economy.


    Traction is adjusted for the slippery conditions prevalent in snow, utilising the high torque of the engine and the technology of the ZF 8AT to start in second gear to minimise slippage and maximise traction.

    The Bosch Generation 9.0 Traction Control System allows higher engine speeds and torque for maximum traction through dry sand.


    Operates like the snow setting, but employs the BorgWarner transfer case to sense slip in one wheel and transfer torque to the appropriate wheel for optimum drive efficiency.


    This setting is for the toughest conditions, or when maximum traction is required such as towing through muddy conditions. By engaging the low-range transmission, the torque of the engine is multiplied by a factor of up to 2.48.


    Anyone who has been at a boat launch has watched vehicles claiming to be SUVs struggle to tow a boat out of the water. The locking rear differential in the H9 delivers maximum traction exactly when you need it with the push of a button. It’s also a handy feature in rugged off-road conditions.

    International Media Reviews

    Haval has shown, with the updates to the H9, that it is listening to customers and road testers and acting on the feedback. Indeed, almost all the tweaks to this refreshed model have been led by feedback from users. And, for a brand trying to build a following that’s a good attitude to have. The vehicle looks good inside and out, it’s comfortable to ride in on- and off-road and it’s properly capable when the going gets rough.

    Isaac Bober

    Journalist, Practical Motoring

    The H9 was already impressive, and now it’s better again. The kind of early adopters who once bought Kias and Hyundais before they were established may be drawn to the Haval, and the product itself offers a lot of ability and tech for reasonable money.

    It’s part-urban crossover, part rugged off-roader, and part statement of intent. Would we buy one? It’d be a bold choice. But not a ridiculous one.

    Mike Costello

    Senior Editor, Car Advice

    The improvement shown in the latest H9 is impressive. Haval mightn’t be a household name just yet, but the willingness the Chinese newcomer has demonstrated in adapting its product to suit our market is commendable – as is the rate at which its product has improved.

    With just over a million global sales last year it’s evident Haval is a juggernaut we will watch with interest. And if the progress apparent in the H9 is anything to go by, Haval’s future in Australia is looking bright.

    Matt Brogan

    Motoring Journalist,

    This is a manufacturer that is proactive in seeking & incorporating feedback to improve its cars.  HAVAL has equipped the H9 with all the attributes to capture the attention of family buyers & weekend warriors. Then there’s the price. With the repositioned price of the H9…., it would be remiss of any buyer to rule a line through it without having a look.

    The new H9 is an example of how things should be, take an already strong offering and make it better.

    James Kelly

    Motoring Journalist, Car Conversation

    Exterior Colours

    * Limited stock. Please check with Dealer.


    H9 Cargo Barrier
    Protect your cargo with this easy to fit and remove Australian-made cargo barrier.

    H9 Roof Racks
    Carry more with these genuine  aerodynamically designed roof racks.

    H9 Tow Bar
    Genuine Australian made tow bars are designed for your HAVAL H9.

    H9 Weather Shields
    Protect yourself from the elements with these tinted weather shields for your H9.

      Overall dimensions Length × width × height (mm)4856 X 1926 X 19004856 X 1926 X 1900
      Wheel track(mm)1610 (Front) / 1610 (Rear)1610 (Front) / 1610 (Rear)
      Displacement (L)2.0 2.0
      EngineTurbocharged 4-cylinder 16-valve, double VVT, direct injectionTurbocharged 4-cylinder 16-valve, double VVT, direct injection
      Maximum power (kW/rpm)180 / 5500180 / 5500
      Maximum torque (Nm/rpm)350 / 1800 – 4500350 / 1800 – 4500
      Emission standardEU V / EU V+Euro V/EU V+
      TransmissionZF -8AT with Paddle ShiftersZF -8AT with Paddle Shifters
      Driving Mode4WD – Selectable All-Terrain Control4WD – Selectable All-Terrain Control

      18-inch Alloy Wheelsred-dotred-dot
      Roof Rails (Matte Alloy)red-dotred-dot
      Side Stepsred-dotred-dot
      Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protectorred-dotred-dot
      Rain-Sensing Automatic Front Wipersred-dotHeated
      Tyres265 / 60 R18265 / 60 R18
      Full Size Spare Wheelred-dotred-dot

      Grey / Black Interiorred-dotred-dot
      Sunvisor w/Vanity Mirror & Light & Extenderred-dotred-dot
      Grab Handles on the A/B/C Pillarsred-dotred-dot
      Ceiling Glasses Casered-dotred-dot
      Cup Holdersred-dotred-dot
      Glovebox with Soft Liningred-dotred-dot
      Leather Steering Wheelred-dotHeated
      4-Way Adjustable Steering Wheel with Paddle Shiftersred-dotred-dot
      Multi-Function Steering Wheelred-dotred-dot
      Bluetooth Hands Free Linkred-dotred-dot
      Carpet Matsred-dotred-dot
      220V Rear Power OutletXred-dot
      Aluminium Pedalsred-dotred-dot
      Luggage BlindXred-dot
      Stainless Steel Scuff Platesred-dotIlluminated
      Multi-Function trip Computerred-dotred-dot
      Cruise Control Systemred-dotred-dot
      Auto Stop / Startred-dotred-dot

    • SEATS
      7 Seatsred-dotred-dot
      ISOFIX Child Seat Fixing Devicered-dotred-dot
      Front Power Heated / Ventilated / Massaging SeatsXred-dot
      8-Way Electric Adjustable Drivers Seat w/Lumbar & MemoryXred-dot
      4-Way Adjustable Front Passenger Seat with Duplicate ControlsXred-dot
      Front Seats with Leg Rest FunctionXred-dot
      2nd Row Power Heated SeatsXred-dot
      Manually Adjustable 2nd Row Seat – Slide & Tiltred-dotred-dot
      2nd Row Armrest with Cup Holderred-dotred-dot
      60-40 Split-Fold 2nd Row Seatsred-dotred-dot
      50:50 Split-Fold 3rd Row Seatsred-dotred-dot
      Powered 3rd Row Seat AccessXred-dot

    • SAFETY
      Dual Front & Side Airbagsred-dotred-dot
      Full-Length Side Curtain Airbags (3 rows)red-dotred-dot
      Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)red-dotred-dot
      Active Cruise Control (ACC)red-dot
      Lane Departure Warning Systemred-dotred-dot
      Rear Cross Traffic Alertred-dotred-dot
      Blind Spot Monitoring red-dotred-dot
      Adjustable Front Seatbelts with Pretensionerred-dotred-dot
      Child Safety Lockred-dotred-dot
      Reverse Radars (4 front + 4 rear)red-dotred-dot
      Reverse Camera with Dynamic Auxiliary Linered-dotred-dot
      Front & Rear Parking Sensorsred-dotred-dot
      Driver Condition Monitoringred-dotred-dot
      Remote Control Window Close Functionred-dotred-dot
      Speed-Sensing Central Door Lockingred-dotred-dot
      Seatbelt Warning Systemred-dotred-dot
      Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sytem (TPMS)red-dotred-dot
      Automatic Collision Unlocking Functionred-dotred-dot
      Engine Immobiliser & Alarm Systemred-dotred-dot
      Keyless Entry Systemred-dotred-dot
      Keyless Start Systemred-dotred-dot
      Remote Control Central Door Lockingred-dotred-dot
      Intelligent Door Locking Error-Proofing Functionred-dotred-dot
      TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sytem)red-dotred-dot
      ABS (Anti-skid Brake System)+EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)red-dotred-dot
      TCS (Traction Control System)red-dotred-dot
      BA (Brake Assist)red-dotred-dot
      ESP (Electronic Stability Program)red-dotred-dot
      Electronic Parking Brakered-dotred-dot
      RMI (Roll Movement Intervention)red-dotred-dot
      Auto Holdred-dotred-dot
      Speed Warning Systemred-dotred-dot
      Active Front Head Restraintsred-dotred-dot

    • OFF-ROAD
      HDC (Hill Descent Control)red-dotred-dot
      HAC (Hill-Start Assist Control)red-dotred-dot
      All-Terrain Control System (Auto, Snow, Sand, Mud, 4L)red-dotred-dot
      Multi-Function Off-Road Gaugesred-dotred-dot
      Electronic Differential Lockred-dotred-dot
      Fording Depth 700mmred-dotred-dot

      CD with AUX IN /USB (Audio & Video)red-dotred-dot
      8″ LCD Touch Screenred-dotred-dot
      4 Tweeters + 4 Bass Speakers + 1 Center-Channel Speakerred-dotINFINITY + Subwoofer
      Independent Amplifierred-dotred-dot
      Bluetooth Hands-Free Linkred-dotred-dot
      SD Card Slotred-dotred-dot

      Tinted Privacy Glassred-dotred-dot
      Folding External Rear view Mirror w/Defrost & LED Turn Signalred-dotred-dot
      Electro-Chromatic Rear View Mirrorred-dotred-dot
      Reverse Parking Mirror AssistXred-dot

      Automatic Xenon Headlights25W35W
      Headlight Cleaning SystemXred-dot
      Daytime Running Lights (DRL)red-dotred-dot
      Electric Height-Ajustable Headlampsred-dotX
      AFS (Adaptive Frontlighting System)Xred-dot
      Front/Rear Foglampsred-dotred-dot
      High Level Brake Lightred-dotred-dot
      Follow-Me-Home Functionred-dotred-dot
      Emergency Brake Hazard Systemred-dotred-dot
      HAVAL Puddle Lightsred-dotred-dot
      Mood Lighting Selectablered-dotred-dot
      Illuminated Entry LampsXred-dot

      Three-zone Automatic Air Conditioning (Driver+Passenger+Rear)red-dotred-dot
      Pollen / Dust Filterred-dotred-dot
      Outside Temperature Indicatorred-dotred-dot
      3rd Row Air Outlet & Independant Controlsred-dotred-dot
      Automatic DemistXred-dot

    The Bluetooth™ word mark is owned by The Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Not all devices will be compatible and functionality will vary depending on the device.

    HAVAL Motors Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the information including but not limited to the models, prices, colors, materials, equipment or other specifications referred to on this site at any time without prior notice. Always consult your HAVAL Motors dealer for the latest information about a HAVAL Motors product and its availability.

    Please note: +$495 for Metallic paint.


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    Sales Department

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    Finance Department

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    Service Department

    Call: (03) 9786 1022

    Parts Department

    Call: (03) 9786 1022
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